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Welcome rookies and new players to the UW-Parkside Mens Rugby website! Hopefully this section will give you a few answers as to what the Parkside Rugby Club is all about. Directly below this paragraph is a brief description of of rugby. You can also check out the Frequently Asked Questions section, the Parkside Rugby Rookie Primer section, or the Rugby 101 section.

Rugby is perhaps one of the most well known sports in the world, thanks to its trademark oblong ball. Unfortunately, the fact that it is well known does not make it well understood. Most people don't know any of the rules, positions, and simply think it is "football without pads". This couldn't be further from the truth. Rugby was invented in 1823 by a gentleman in Rugby, England. Modern day football is a direct descendant of rugby and at one point in the early 1900's, rugby was an actual Olympic sport (the United States won gold medals in 1920 and 1924). Today, rugby is one of the few sports left that has not been corrupted by greedy owners and players. Sportsmanship is an integral part of the sport and most players play simply for the love of the game. The Midwest and in particular, Wisconsin, has been fortunate enough to have leagues where there is great player participation and leadership.

Rugby is a sport played with what looks like a oversized football, on a field with typically fifteen players to a team. The object is to have the highest score when the clock runs out after two forty-five minute halves. There are many maneuvers and situations in rugby such as rucks, mauls, drop kicks, squibs, trys, scrums, and line-ins. For the full list of rules and regulations, please see our Rules section. Along with all of the battering and bruising that comes with rugby also comes a universal sense of respect and camaraderie. Home teams host a social for the away team after a match in which the two teams congradulate each other on a hard fought match. There is truly no other sport like it in existence.

So now you may ask yourself, what can playing rugby for UW-Parkside do for me? It is guaranteed to get you in shape, introduce you to a bunch of guys you may someday consider your closest friends, and thrust you into a worldwide rugby community that is one of the most unique sporting cultures in the world. You will grow as a person and should you choose to become an officer for the team, you will have something to add to your resume to showcase your leadership skills. While rugby has many rewards, the Parkside Rugby Club also demands its players display a high level of integrity, both on and off the field. All players are required to sign a code of conduct before each season that promises each player will be a positive reflection of UW-Parkside and the rugby team.

Hopefully, this site will be able to answer any and/or all of your questions. This should allow you as a new player or rookie to make an educated judgement on whether you think rugby is for you. As we on the Parkside Rugby Club like to think, you don't really know if rugby is for you until you've come to a practice or match and experienced it for yourself!

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